Welcome to the Allen Lab

Established in June 2013, the Allen lab focuses on understanding the basic science mechanisms by which pharmacological ascorbate can selectively act as a pro-oxidant in brain and lung cancer vs. normal cells, for the purpose of developing novel combined modality chemo-radio-therapies. The Allen Lab currently collaborates with other labs and investigators both research and clinical, at the University of Iowa.

Allen lab, lab members
Present Members: (back row) Bryan Allen, Douglas Spitz, Ann Tomanek-Chalkley, Mike Petronek; (front row) Kranti Mapuskar, Amira Zaher,

Current Projects

  • Wound Healing
  • Normal tissue injury
  • GBM and Ascorbate
  • Radiation Induced Lung Injury

Mentoring and Rotations

Resident Rotations – Amir Zaher, Bryce Duchman, Nahom Teferi

MSTP Student Rotations – Zain Mehdi, Vivian Pham, Vinamratha Rao